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Naughty by Nature T-Shirts & Clothing

Naughty by Nature is an American hip-hop group known for their energetic and influential contributions to the rap music scene. Formed in the late 1980s in East Orange, New Jersey, the group consists of three members: Treach (Anthony Criss), Vin Rock (Vincent Brown), and DJ Kay Gee (Kier Gist).

Naughty by Nature gained widespread recognition for their hit songs, including "O.P.P." (which stands for "Other People's Property"), "Hip Hop Hooray," and "Feel Me Flow." Their music is characterised by catchy hooks, memorable lyrics, and a signature blend of street-smart lyricism and positive messages.

Over the years, Naughty by Nature has received critical acclaim and multiple awards, including a Grammy for their work. They have also played a significant role in popularising hip-hop culture and remain respected figures in the genre. The group's enduring legacy continues to influence and inspire new generations of hip-hop artists.


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