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Halestorm is an American rock band known for their powerful and dynamic sound. Formed in 1997, the band consists of siblings Lzzy Hale on lead vocals and guitar, and Arejay Hale on drums, along with Joe Hottinger on guitar and Josh Smith on bass. With their energetic live performances and a blend of hard rock, heavy metal, and alternative influences, Halestorm has made a significant impact in the rock music scene. Lzzy Hale's commanding vocals, ranging from gritty and aggressive to soulful and melodic, combined with the band's tight musicianship, have earned them a loyal fan base. They have released several successful albums, including "Halestorm" (2009), "The Strange Case Of..." (2012), and "Vicious" (2018), featuring hit singles like "Love Bites (So Do I)" and "I Miss the Misery."


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