Hall of Fame 2018

16th January 2018

THE Hall of Fame is back!


With the biggest bands and the most iconic artwork, it is no wonder the Hall of Fame is our most talked about collection.

Featuring some of our well known classics such as the amazing GUNS N ROSES DRUM T-SHIRT and the rocking METALLICA MASTER OF PUPPETS TEE

 We also have some new additions to the Amplified family for 2018!

There is Washington born American legend Kurt Cobain singer songwriter and musician. Kurt Cobain was an American singer songwriter, musician and the founder of Nirvana. Check out the new PHOTOGRAPH T-SHIRT now.

Or there is legendary English rock band Deep Purple. Check out the new PERFECT STRANGERS T-SHIRT!

Want to check out the full collection? Head to HALL OF FAME now and choose your favourite!

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