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Product: DAVID BOWIE BLACK STAR Colour: Charcoal Price: £28.00
  • Michael Atkinson

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    As described 👍
    Posted on 28th July 2023
  • customer

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Exactly what I had hoped for - a quality product on all fronts.
    Posted on 19th July 2023

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    The only criticism I have is that I would have thought the t shirt material would have been a thicker heavier weight.
    Posted on 7th July 2023
  • Lee Thompson

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    As per usual…it’s Amplified. It’s quality!
    Posted on 2nd July 2023
  • Free Man

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Great quality. Love the look of this shirt.
    Posted on 5th May 2023
  • Rory

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Bought t-shirts from here a few times, they honestly never ever disappoint.
    Posted on 21st April 2023
  • Geoff

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    The colour is nothing like the colour in the advert. It’s much darker, so much so that you can’t see the design. Avoid.
    Posted on 13th April 2023

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Posted on 19th December 2022
  • A Fulton

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Always brilliant service and quality. I just love Amplified t-shirts.
    Posted on 4th December 2022
  • Liz

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Really pleased with the tshirt
    Posted on 9th May 2018
  • cristiano saba

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    Grand bella t shirt, discreta al punto giusto ....very cool!!
    Posted on 12th March 2018
  • Scott Thompson

    Trust Pilot Reviews of Amplified
    This is the second item I've had from Amplified with bad stitching. It's noticeable as well and leaves,humps where the shoulder joins the top of the arm. I was buying a Bowie t-shirt so maybe they thought I wanted 80s big shoulders..... I didn't and will either have to pay to get this altered or just never wear it, as will probably be the case. Then followed the emails.... No unsubscribe link and endless emails about their latest Justin Beiber range. I emailed them politely to ask if they would remove my email to whit I was treated to an abrupt/snotty email from Robert, an Amplified employee stating that I had used that email to make the order so.... I pointed out that the order needed an email so I could track the order. It, in fact, wouldn't let me order without an email. I genuinely thought this would be used simply for taking notifications but then, I'm not averse to hearing about new products.... Just not the same poxy Beiber tshirts every day. In short, the quality of the material is good but spoiled by shoddy stitching. The deconstructed look of the shirts is very nice but, again, ruined by shoddy workmanship. The stylish designs have sort of fallen off, seemingly in haste. Their Ga-Ga stuff looked cheap and badly made. Nothing against Ga-Ga herself, just not after a low-res, printed shot of her on a standard T. The follow-up service was to send me emails for merchandise I wasn't interested in repeatedly then get snotty when I politely asked to be removed from their database. Even shorter - don't think I'll be risking the price for shoddy merch in future - you've lost a customer!
    Posted on 4th August 2017
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Product Features

Product Features


  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft carbon brushed finish
  • Graphic print on the front chest
  • Loose straight fit
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • Twin-needle chain stitch on the hem and sleeve
  • Vintage style rolled back cut seams to hem & sleeve
  • Machine wash 30ºC gentle cycle
  • Shrinkage will occur after washing. We recommend going a size up.


David Bowie is an English performer who was a major, influential figure in the music industry, with many celebrities citing him as a strong influence in their lives, before he sadly passed away aged 69, in January 2016. His career has included much experimentation, including his glam rock alter ego Ziggy Stardust, his collaboration with Queen for the song Under Pressure, and his discography spanning many genres. He has also starred in, produced, and soundtracked many films, such as the cult classic Labyrinth. Bowie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and, amongst other awards, has won 2 Grammys and 3 BRIT Awards.

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