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Smashing Pumpkins 2 Colour Mellon Collie Charcoal

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Product Features

Product Features


  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft carbon brushed finish
  • Graphic print on the front chest
  • Loose straight fit
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • Twin-needle chain stitch on the hem and sleeve
  • Vintage style rolled back cut seams to hem & sleeve
  • Machine wash 30ºC gentle cycle
  • Shrinkage will occur after washing. We recommend going a size up.



The Smashing Pumpkins, an alternative rock band formed in Chicago in 1988, have left an indelible mark on the music scene with their distinctive sound and poetic lyrics. Fronted by the enigmatic and often controversial figure of Billy Corgan, the band gained widespread recognition in the 1990s with albums like "Siamese Dream" and "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness." Their music blends elements of grunge, shoegaze, and psychedelia, creating a sonic landscape that's both introspective and explosive. Despite lineup changes over the years, The Smashing Pumpkins have continued to evolve, maintaining a loyal fanbase drawn to their raw emotion and sonic experimentation.


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