Rest in Peace Tom Petty

4th October 2017

Tom Petty, the dynamic frontman who led the band the Heartbreakers, died at age 66 Monday. His death was confirmed by Tony Dimitriades, his longtime manager, on behalf of the family.

The band only just completed their summer tour, which celebrated the band's 40th anniversary

Petty was known for his dramatic voice which perfectly complemented the Heartbreakers' ragged rock & roll sound. The majority of his albums have been certified either gold or platinum, which is no suprise as he dominated the Billboard's rock chart with iconic songs like "You Got Lucky," "Learning to Fly" and "Mary Jane's Last Dance". 

Tom Petty never stopped writing great music and helped define rock radio since the Seventies

Rest in Peace.

Tom Petty photographed in New York City in 1976 by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

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