All things Led Zeppelin

5th October 2018

We're loving Led Zeppelin at the moment. This year marks 50 years of Led Zeppelin and they're no less popular than they were then. 



We've created many Led Zeppelin t-shirts over the years but if you think you're as big a fan as we are why not take our Led Zeppelin quiz.



 And if you're the biggest fan of all, you could buy a t-shirt HERE!


What year did Led Zeppelin form?

B: 1969

Led Zeppelin didn't start out as 'Led Zeppelin'. What was their original name?

A: New Yardbirds

How many hours did Led Zeppelin's debut album take to record?

D: 36 hours

The band all shared a love for the same author. The characters from the books appear their songs?

C: J. R Tolkien

What was the name of the bands aeroplane?

C: The Starship

The 13-year-old Jimmy Paige didn't want to be a rock star. What did he want to be?

C: Biological Researcher

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