10 Things You Didn't Know About Iron Maiden

1st August 2018

It's been over a decade but Iron Maiden are back with vengeance, their legendry 'Legacy Of The Beast Tour' has been touring around Europe since May. They are now in the UK, starting with Newcastle and finishing in the band's home town London.


If you’ve managed to get your hands on these hot tickets then we are jealous. If you didn't manage to get tickets, then we thought we could enlighten you with 10 facts that you don’t know about Iron Maiden. #bepartofthelegacy


1.     Bruce Dickinson is a qualified pilot and flies the tour plane (Ed Force One) which is named after their mascot Eddie.


2.     Iron Maiden formed on Christmas Day, 1975. Steve Harris is the only original member.
3.     Band founder, bassist and principal songwriter, Steve Harris, never warms up before a gig.
4.     Bruce Dickinson was expelled from boarding school for urinating in the Headmaster’s dinner.
5.     Nicko Mcbrain had a drum off with Sooty in a Sooty and Sweep episode.
6.     As well as video games, Iron Maiden also have their own branded beer.
7.     Iron Maiden once crashed a wedding in Poland after a few drinks they got up on stage and performed and impromptu gig.
8.    Steve Harris is a die-hard West Ham United fan.
9.      Steve Harris was offered a trial at West Ham as a teenager. The would have been a very different path.
10.    Bruce in his spare time is a keen fencer.  Dickinson has fenced since he was a boy and was, at one point, ranked No. 7 in GB. 


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