8 Epic Ring Entrance Songs

30th November 2018

8 Epic Ring Entrance Songs

Ahead of the Fury Vs Wilder fight we've been discussing our 8 favourite ring entrances from years gone by. Any guesses for entrance songs for Fury & Wilder?


1.   Manny Pacquiao - Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

When you say ring entrance this is the song that comes to mind. Originally written as the theme tune to to Rocky III Manny Pacquiao used this as his entrance song. 



2. Wladimir Klitschko - "Can't Stop" By Red Hot Chili Peppers

He might have lost to our beloved AJ but we loved his entrance to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 



3. Arturo "Thunder" Gatti - Thunderstruck by AC/DC 

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti used this song before his Mayweather fight, we were more worried about him setting alight with all those pyrotechnics. ACDC's impressive riffs was perfect for a dramatic entrance. 



4.  Anthony Joshua - Shut Up by Stormzy 

Is a boxing list even a boxing list if it doesn't have Anthony Joshua in it? Stormzy put his name on the grime map with this personalised performance for AJ at the O2. 



5. Connor Mcgregor - The Foggy Dew by Sinéad O'Connor & The Chieftains

This song sends shivers down the spines of mixed martial arts fans but for one night (not such a successful night for Connor may we add) it was heard as boxing entrance in Sin City when 'The Notorious' fought Mayweather. 



6. Chris Eubank - The Best by Tina Turner

A self proclaimed title but Eubank described himself as 'simply the best'. He would time his entrance so he entered the ring just at the start of the second chorus.  



7. Mike Tyson - "What's My Name?" By DMX

Making a come back from his suspension after THAT ear bite, Tyson entered to the song "What's My Name' no one has or will be forgetting his name any time soon. 



8. Prince Naseem Hamed - "Thriller" By Michael Jackson

 More of a performance than an entrance. Naseem negotiated his way through a set of a grave yard on the way to the ring.  

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